If you find Slovak bureaucracy being the biggest obstacle on your way to better earnings in EU, keep reading this article for help. Young Slovak developers offer useful solution to easily and economically prepare temporary residence in Slovakia to open better and brighter future for you. Finally even in Slovakia, there is an IMIGURU.SK online service available, offering great value in filling up all required documents for temporary residence in Slovakia. Your dream to work or do business in EU and make up to 5 times more money than home is now very close. So close, how close is few hours away Slovakia.

Since 2004, this small, although economically strong country, is an EU member state and since 2009 it has adopted EURO currency and successfully entered the eurozone. Strong Slovakian potential attracted many leading international companies such an ESET, IBM, AT&T, PEUGEOT, CITROEN, VW, JAGUAR/LAND ROVER, U.S. STEEL, KIA, SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, KUKDONG, HANKOOK TIRES, GOOGLE, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, ZIPP, STRABAG, RAIFFEISEN, ERSTE GROUP, ENEL, TESCO, FOXCONN, LIDL, DEUTCHE TELEKOM, ORANGE, O2, JOHNSON CONTROLS, HONEYWELL, IKEA, a many more.

These TOP companies are constantly on the outlook for a new qualified people and they offer them very attractive earnings and priceless career growth. High concentration of most successful global companies using cutting edge technologies in production including robotics and industrial automation is totally unique opportunity to gain most valuable career skills.

Job offers can be looked up on Slovak job websites such as www.profesia.sk or they can be tailored to you by a temporary employment agencies. Upon your paperwork processing, IMIGURU.SK will direct you to precisely to the agency, seeking someone like you with your qualification.

Due to the extraordinary strong demand for new employees, companies are unable to fill all those vacant positions by Slovak employees for longer periods of time. Engineering, construction, IT, automotive are now booming industries in Slovakia and it is your call to grab the chance of your life and come to earn to Slovakia. Do not hesitate for long, the average Slovakian wage in 2016 was 912 EUR. In special areas such as IT average wage rises up to more than 1500 EUR.

There is nothing worth of stoping you to answer this call. All you need is to start and obtain your Slovak temporary residence permit. If you need any help with the documents, besides specialised agencies, it is exactly IMIGURU.SK that can be extremely helpful and we heartily recommend you to try it out.

Achieve priceless game changing career skills and job opportunities in Slovakia filled with modern technologies by leading global companies and change your life within endless possibilities of EU market.

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